Friday, September 28, 2012

Learning Hub Greenhouse!

The what? Some of you might have been wondering what the fuzz is all about at Briefly, the thing is that the empty library space at the Computer Science building is going to get a serious facelift. 

But wait, there's more!

This should actually belong at the end of this post, but if there is one paragraph you need to read then it is this. None of the ideas are locked and sealed, so all help is more than welcome! Think you have a great suggestion or want to help? Drop a line to some of us and let's think of it over a cup of coffee (or tea if you insist :) 

How did it all start? 

So now the real post. It all roots back to the days when couple of students were assigned to design and build a space into a small room where learning would be encouraged. A place that would serve as a studying/brainstorming/whatever space, yet being still informal. Needless to say the Aalto Hub Töölö was a great success that increased the numbers of visitors immensely. Well, if this was a success why not take it elsewhere also?

And the students did. Kone-building got its own place, Sun Deck, (you can read more from the previous posts), and the Material Technology building is at the moment getting its own. The CS building is now in line. Also, started as a student initiative the students got in contact with the Dean, professors, library staff etc. and organized a workshop on what could be done to the vast space in the library area. 

What now?

The workshop provided some great ideas on what people in the building actually need. Together with our spatial architect, Valeria, we have started to jot down the first ideas and sketches on paper. The aim is to get a concept during the following week, that can be implemented in October. 

What will it have? Who knows. But ideas that have been thrown are e.g. brainstorming rooms, project spaces, individual work, computers, pair working spots, lounge, cafeteria, a real dog, jungle…. the list goes on and on. 

And later?

In short, the space will be an ever-changing place that will keep improving and improving. Who knows, maybe the concept will keep invading the other parts of the building and transform them into cool studying spots? It's all up to the users.

This really is a great chance to make the CS building have a nice place (no offence to its designers) to gather your team and take one of the brainstorming rooms to build that next BIG idea you had or just take a cup of coffee and read your emails on a sofa.


The writer is a student at Information Networks and one of the fools behind the idea. Writes more efficiently blog posts than school essays.

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